My name is Enni. I'm a multidisciplinary
artistdesigner, animator.

I see myself as a hybrid who loves to work in different fields: Art Direction, Illustration, Graphic Design, Motion Design & 2D/3D Animation.

Art and design help us understand ideas better and make a vision more tangible. Motion helps us tell stories and creates emotion. Whether painting, designing, or animating, I always strive for a strong composition and a powerful message. Right now, I want to deepen my skills in the analogue and digital field with a focus on 2D & 3D animation. My vision is to create innovative designs using an artistic approach that make use of new technologies and materials.

My passion for illustration, motion design and animation developed through various internships and my studies in the field of design. I attended the Münster School of Design (MSD), where I finished my studies with distinction (1,0) and graduated with a degree in Media Design. In the same year I received a job offer from GUD, the Institute for Society and Digital Studies in Münster. For their ongoing Smart Mirror project, I illustrated and animated characters, designed infographics and produced content for the website. In total, I created 50 animations that can now be seen on the Smart Mirror.

Over the past years I have developed a good sense for form, color, typography and composition. Whether simple logo animation, elaborate title design or exciting 3D particle effects: I am a true all-rounder. I also enjoy passing on my experience and knowledge. During my studies, I was a tutor for After Effects for almost three years. And in 2021, I was offered the wonderful opportunity to become a lecturer for moving images (film and animation) at MSD.

My deep understanding of design has been demonstrated in several projects. Having worked as a freelancer for many years, I know what it takes to inspire people or create a unique customer experience. I have already painted big house facades, designed graphic artwork for offices and events and have completed jobs for well-known brands such as tesa, adidas, Ford and Samsung.

As a person who is passionate about working with brands, agencies and studios and at the same time dedicated to the moving image medium, I see myself as a hybrid who loves to work in different fields: Art Direction, Illustration, Graphic Design, Motion Design & 2D/3D Animation.

I'm currently based in Berlin.

Advanced Skills in Adobe Photoshop / Adobe InDesign / Adobe Illustrator / Adobe After Effects / Adobe Premiere Pro / Maxon Cinema 4D

Over the last few years, I have developed efficient workflows for various print, web and video projects. I use the entire Adobe CC palette on a daily basis. For 3D animation, I usually work with Cinema 4D. When it comes to my work, I set my standard high and always have the big picture in mind.

Interested in a collaboration?
Use the contact form here or feel free to email me at contact(at)​​​​​​​
2022 – today
Motion Designer for Network Movie
(Studio Zentral)
Berlin television production
for movies and series

2021 – today
Freelancer for Art, Design & Motion
currently based in Berlin

2021 – today

Murals, Paintings, Illustrations

2021 – 2022
Lecturer for Moving Images
(Film & Animation)
at Münster School of Design

2020 – 2021
Motion Designer for GUD
Institute for Society and Digital Studies
(Smart Mirror Project)

2016 – today
Freelancer for Art & Design

2016 – 2020
Design Student
Tutor for Adobe After Effects
Bachelor of Arts in Media Design
at Münster School of Design

passed with distinction (1,0)

2015 – 2016
Various internships
Web Design, Graphic Design (Germany)
Architectural Model Making (UK)

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