Wuxing, usually translated as “five phases”, is a central component of Chinese philosophy. Derived from the observation of nature, it is used to understand the interactions between humans and the environment as well as between the individual organs within a human organism.

The animation demonstrates the five transformational phases of earth, wood, metal, fire and water. The elements appear in the form of their Chinese character and are portrayed according to their essential characteristics. The animation always breaks down when the forces of the next element take effect. Thus, the animation runs its course in an endless loop of the five phases.

Personal Work

Art Direction
3D Animation
Edit & Postproduction
Sound Design

Five elements, five phases: the cycle of life.
In keeping with the cyclical process of the elements, the animations build off each other and the end seamlessly connects back to the beginning. Due to the static camera orientation, the dynamics of the animation were solely defined by the design, movement and color.

A bowl was integrated as a coherent object in the animation, with which the elements can interact and thus unfold their full effect. The flowing transitions as well as the light and natural impression of the elements were also accentuated by a fitting atmospheric soundscape.

The construction of the animations took place in Cinema 4D with X-Particles. Texturing and rendering was done with Cycles 4D.


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