Acknowledgment of Exceptional Achievements: In 2022, the Heinz Dürr Awards, a long-standing tradition within the Dürr Group, were bestowed upon deserving teams of employees for the 21st time. These awards, initiated by a jury, aim to recognize and honor outstanding team achievements.

Sebastian Hilger from Footsteps Filmproduktion approached me to undertake the design of the motion graphics segment for the awards ceremony. The scope of the project included creating a one-minute introduction for the event and creating five roll-ins and roll-outs for distinct projects in the same look. The visual concept was intended to build upon previous years' aesthetics while introducing a fresh perspective.

Throughout the creative process, various color schemes and musical compositions were explored, all aligned with the client's preferences. The resulting event intro boasts captivating 3D sequences complemented by a polished aesthetic.

Heinz Dürr Award

Motion Design
2D / 3D Animation

Edit & Postproduction

Directed by Sebastian Hilger
(Footsteps Filmproduktion)

Sophisticated, sci-fi-inspired appearance that seamlessly integrates into the corporate setting.
The intro engages the audience from the beginning with a countdown. Following this, it presents informative details about the Dürr Group and its brands, incorporating historical photos, actual video footage, and graphic elements into the background.

The overall design utilizes diverse typography and pattern work to achieve a sophisticated, sci-fi-inspired appearance that seamlessly integrates into the corporate setting.


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