In May 2022, the WWU Münster acknowledged two projects in the fields of geoinformatics and life sciences, awarding them the Transfer Prize 2020/21. The Transfer Prize is a recognition of outstanding contributions by university members in research transfer and scientific collaboration with non-university partners.

One of the awarded projects is the "senseBox and openSenseMap" by geoinformatics expert Dr. Thomas Bartoschek in collaboration with Futurium GmbH based in Berlin. The senseBox finds application in digital education and citizen science. 
The video I created introduces award winners, demonstrates the practical application of the project, and explores its significance for both scientific advancement and societal impact.

University of Münster (WWU)
Institute for Geoinformatics
Futurium GmBH

Art Direction
Motion Design
2D Animation

Edit & Postproduction
Sound Design

Dr. Thomas Bartoschek (in front of the camera)
Claas König (Camera & Rough Cut)

Real film sequences were complemented with animated graphics and illustrations.
The objective was to blend informative content with entertainment value, steering away from a conventional image film while also avoiding a purely explanatory video. Instead, the explanatory video aimed to pay homage to the award winners, providing them with a short film to introduce the scientific topic.
The script development commenced with a focus on clarity and authenticity. Subsequently, real film sequences were complemented with animated graphics and illustrations to directly illustrate and explain the narrative.


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