Neither a blade of grass growing nor a car driving nor our body moving would be possible without a chemical reaction. Next to physics, chemistry is one of the most fundamental and important fields of natural science. It forms the theoretical basis of technology, medicine and environmental protection and provides us with the knowledge and materials that make our modern, everyday life possible.

However, there is often a huge discrepancy between the relevance of the natural sciences and their popularity in the general population. This is particularly true in the context of schools, where students face the details of the material world for the first time. Here, chemistry is often associated with complex formulas and abstract concepts.

Bachelor Project

Art Direction
Motion Design
2D / 3D Animation

Edit & Postproduction

Christian Neumann (Sound Design)
Larissa Endrijautzki (Voice-Over)

Design of a multi-media communication concept with a focus on animation.
The combination of science and design goes to show that it is only a matter of how the subject is conveyed to break down barriers and encourage enthusiasm for scientific topics.

The aim is to make content more approachable and intuitive through creative means and to open up exciting possibilities of knowledge transfer for learners.


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